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Park City Ice Miners Hockey
New Parent Guide

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First of all, welcome to Park City Ice Miners (PCIM) and congratulations on enrolling your child in the most exciting sport in the world!  We have learned over the years that not only do the kids need coaching, but a guide for our parents has proven to be quite helpful too!


This guide will provide parents answers to most of the questions parents of youth hockey players have when first enrolling your child in youth hockey at Park City Ice Miners, or understanding the needs for their players age division. It is intended to help understand how things work and where you need to go for more information.  As always, our website is the best resource for information, www.pciceminers.org.

PCIM Mission Statement

The Park City Ice Miners is dedicated to providing a positive learning experience as we challenge our players to grow in every aspect of the game. It is our goal to develop character, sportsmanship in all players, coaches and parents, and physical fitness among the youth in the northern Utah area; promote, encourage, and improve the standard of amateur ice hockey; associate with other ice hockey associations; expand the game of hockey on the Wasatch Back through public awareness and development of as many youths as possible; and to perform or participate in other activities that will aid in reaching these objectives. 

Short History of Park City Ice Miners

Park City Ice Miners (PCIM) is a 501(c)3 charitable organization registered under the name of Wasatch Back Amateur Hockey Association which was formed in 2007 shortly after the opening of the Park City Ice Arena which is our home ice rink which is located in Park City, Utah.  PCIM is affiliated with and operates under the guidelines of USA Hockey and the Utah State Amateur Hockey Association ("UAHA").  Games are conducted according to the rules of USA Hockey and UAHA.  


The Park City Ice Arena opened in 2006 and contains an Olympic size ice sheet.  The city and county are currently looking at expanding the facility with a second ice sheet.  PCIM is encouraging the city and county to build a second sheet of ice as soon as possible.


The Ice Miners has an automated online registration system at the organizations web site.  All players must be registered online.  In addition, all players must be registered with USA Hockey and this can be done at www.usahockey.com.  Installment payments and scholarships are possible.


PCIM offers several different programs for its members and provides options for all levels of play for both boys and girls of ages 16 and under.  No hockey knowledge or skill is required to start with PCIM program.  It is recommended that players interested in joining PCIM have some skating experience.  The Park City Ice Arena offers several learn to skate and learn to play hockey programs.


The Utah Recreational League is also known as the “house” or “recreational” league. Other member associations of the URL are Provo, Davis County, Logan, Vernal, and Ogden. This league is designed to provide a recreational level of play for ages Squirt through Bantam. The level of play is less competitive than the travel teams typically but still provides a great environment for participating and learning the game. The commitment level of this league typically involves 2 practices a week and games on Saturday.  There are no tryouts for the URL team.  All players not playing on a Travel team are automatically placed on a URL House team.  Some players on the Travel A team will also be placed on the URL House team if additional players are needed to complete the URL Team roster.  The season usually runs from late October to playoffs in March. This is a great place for a new player aged squirt to bantam to start with PCIM. Teams are selected to try and balance the strength of the teams within an age division. Fees for the URL teams are typically less than half of the fees for travel teams.

Travel Teams

AHA provides "travel" teams for ages Squirt through Midget. Travel teams are generally more competitive and require a larger commitment for players and parents. Travel teams will practice 3-4 times a week with 1 or 2 games on the weekends. There may be occasional weekday games for travel teams as well. Travel teams are selected according to ability.  The following table provides an overview of the age divisions and levels available at PCIM.


Age Division





9 and 10

A, B



11 and 12




13 and 14



Midget U16

15 and 16


Midget U18 17 and 18 AA  


* Ages are determined by the age of the player on 12/31 of the year the season begins.

Typically there is one team at each level within an age group.  The AA level is the most competitive followed by A then B.


Girls Teams

All of our URL and Travel teams are co-ed.  Girls are encouraged to join our URL teams and to try out for any of our travel teams.  In addition, a Girls Only Travel U14 team is available as well as a Girls U10 practice only team.  Please contact the Director of Hockey for more information regarding the Girls Travel Team or see team information on the web site.


Travel Team Fees

Travel team fees are higher than URL teams due to the increased number of practices and games. Travel team fees may adjust year to year slightly to reflect differing costs.  AA Team costs are higher than A team costs as AA Teams will typically have 4 practices a week and 35+ games where as A Team will have 3 practices per week and play 24+ games. 

You may hear the terms, “Tier II” and “Tier I” tossed around while coaches or parents are talking about Travel teams. Tier II teams are also our AA teams, while the Tier I teams are the AAA teams that Park City Ice Miners does not have.  These classifications are defined by USA Hockey 

Travel Team Selection Process

Travel Team selection is a competitive process.  The Ice Miners will hold team tryouts usually in May or June prior to the start of each season.  Sometimes an additional tryout will be held in September or October.  Travel teams usually consist of 13-15 skaters with 2 goalies.  Teams may have as few as 10 skaters with 3-6 alternates from the lower team.  Alternates may also be asked to practice with the upper team.  These decisions are at the discretion of the coach.

Travel Team Season and tournaments 

Our Travel Team season typically runs from September to March or April. The Bantam and U16 AA teams will play in a state playoff with the opportunity to qualify for the National Tournament.  Coaches choose tournaments throughout the season to attend.  AA Travel teams will typically have 6-7 tournaments and the majority of them will be outside the state of Utah.  A Travel teams will typically have 4 tournaments and most of them will be in the state of Utah.  There may be 1 or 2 that are a 4-5 hour drive from Park City. Tournaments are typically held on holiday weekends such as Thanksgiving, and Christmas, Martin Luther King, and Presidents Day weekends.  Each tournament is usually 4 games and sometimes 5.  Games usually start of Friday but some tournaments will have a game on Thursday with the other games being on the weekend.  Players are responsible for their own travel, lodging and food while attending tournaments. 

Mites - U8 Program (and Mini-Mites – U6)

Our 8 and under program at PCIM is run differently than the other age groups.  The primary focus in the 8 & Under Program is introducing the fundamentals and skill development while making it fun and developing a passion for the game. The 8 & Under Program at PCIM Hockey Association will continue to follow the USA Hockey ADM (American Development Model).Please visit the USA Hockey link for more information on the ADM at www.admkids.com/.  Mites will practice twice a week and have cross ice games once a week.  In addition, there will be several Mite Jamborees where many teams will gather to play cross ice games.  Mini-Mites only practice once a week and also have cross ice games once a week.  The 8 & Under Program will set the foundation for the players' hockey development and prepare them to progress through the older age divisions (Squirt, Pee Wee, Bantam, and Midget) where opportunities exist at PCIM Hockey to play on competitive travel teams or in-house recreational teams.  Equipment is available to loan for the season for U8 kids.  The equipment sets are first come first serve and include everything except for skates and athletic cup or pelvic protector.


Try Hockey for free

Try Hockey for Free” sessions are designed to allow kids to be introduced to the great sport of hockey.  PCIM partners with the Park City Ice Arena and USA Hockey to offer 1 or 2 “Try Hockey for Free” days.  This is a great opportunity to see if your child has any interest in learning to play hockey.  In addition, PCIM also offers several “Bring a Friend to Hockey” day where kids can bring a friend to try hockey for the day at no charge.  Equipment for U8 kids is usually available at no charge



Each year the Director of Hockey interviews and selects coaches for our program who are approved by the board.  Each team is assigned a head and in some cases assistants. Every coach (head coach and assistants) for each team must meet the USA hockey requirements for certification and be registered with USA Hockey. The certification level(s) required varies depending on age level and skill level being coached. Additionally PCIM conducts coaches meetings on a regular basis to provide additional guidance and education for its coaches.  Coaches select their assistant coaches, who also follow the USA Hockey guidelines for certified levels on the bench and the USA Hockey coaching standards.  All coaches and assistant coaches receive a background check through the state program each year.


Like any youth organization a successful season at PCIM depends heavily on its volunteers.  Each team must staff a team manager position.  All parents and guardians of PCIM players will be expected to volunteer throughout the season.  Part of most program fees include a volunteer fee which is credited to the players account after a defined number of volunteer hours are completed.  Certain positions such as Team Manager and Assistant Coaching automatically receive credit for their volunteer fee at the beginning of the season.  The team manager is a key volunteer and is appointed by each coach at the beginning of the year.   The manager is responsible for much of the administrative duties for a team.

For each home game the team must provide a person to do score keeping, run the game clock and work the penalty box for their team. There is training available for score keeping and clock for those not familiar with these duties.

In addition to game time volunteers, PCIM must staff all of its own tournaments with volunteers and that may include welcome desk, supervisors, hospitality table and others.


Each year PCIM hosts two invitational tournaments for a variety of age groups. Tournaments are all hosted at the Park City Ice Arena and sometimes games are also held at other ice venues in Salt Lake City.  PCIM invites team from around the country to compete.  The first tournament is at the beginning of November and the second tournament is at the end of March or beginning of April.

Jerseys and Apparel

All players (except U16) are required to purchase purchase home and away (Red and White) PCIM jerseys and socks.  Mini-Mites who do not plan on playing in Mite Jamborees do not need to have a White jersey.  Hockey socks are provided to each player each season.  Jerseys can typically be used for two seasons if they are still in good condition and fit appropriately.  Jerseys can be ordered at time of registration.  Jersey numbers are assigned on a first come first serve basis based on when a player is registered.  Register early to have the best chance of receiving the number your player would prefer!  Player warm ups are available for purchase and can be ordered on the team web site.  Some travel teams may include warm ups in the registration fees so please confirm prior to purchasing any warm-ups


One of the first things parents notice about hockey is the expense. Every child that participates at PCIM is required to pay fees for their participation. The fees vary based on age, level of play, and additional team costs. Typically fees for mites are lowest and travel team fees are the highest. Fees vary slightly year to year and by age division.  In addition, there are fees for tryouts to make the Select Travel Teams (AA and A).  All fees are paid to PCIM and are used to pay for games, practices, and other per team costs associated with running the association.

PCIM does have a scholarship program where players families can receive financial help from the association to pay for fees. Scholarships require a detail application to be filled out regarding the families financial need. All scholarships are reviewed by the scholarship committee and are given out based solely on need.

Also, all players are required to register every year at USA Hockey.  (www.usahockey.com)

Other Governing Bodies and

UAHA – Utah Amateur Hockey Association

This is the body that USA Hockey recognizes at the state level. It is responsible for registering teams, providing background checks for coaches, running the state tournaments and state camps, etc.  More information can be found at www.utah-hockey.org.

USA Hockey

USA Hockey is the governing body for amateur hockey in the United States. It runs the national tournaments, and assembles national teams for participation in international competitions among many other things.  More information can be found at www.usahockey.com.

Board of Directors and Hockey Director

Each year Park City hosts elections for the board of directors.  There are 7 board members and each year, 3 or 4 positions are up for election.  Anyone can volunteer to be placed on the ballot.  Each PCIM family can cast up to two votes (one per parent) for the open board positions.  All voting is done on line and each parent or guardian must be registered on our online system with a valid e-mail address to vote.  A link to vote is automatically sent to all e-mail addresses of current parents and guardians who are registered in our system. 

Once the board is elected they then elect a President and two Vice Presidents and then appoint treasurer,  and secretary.  All board positions are volunteer positions have a term of 2 years. 

The hockey director is the paid employee of the PCIM Hockey association and is under contract by Ice Miner Hockey Association. Each year the board reviews the Hockey Director's compensation, contract, goals and objectives and makes adjustments accordingly. The Hockey Director  is responsible for all the coaches and hockey programs.

Reporting a Problem

It goes without saying that within any organization there are always some issues that arise that need attention.  If the problem is with the coach or a member of the coaching staff, we advise you to take the 24 hour rule (24 hour cooling down period from time of incident) to collect your thoughts and emotions. At that time, contacting your coach about another player, parent or a coaching incident, can occur via phone or email. If you do NOT feel comfortable in doing so, please contact our Director of Hockey or any Board Member.  Their contact information is provided on the team web site.  If a problem relates to the safety of any individual, please report it immediately.

Equipment Required

Skates, helmet, gloves, shin pads, elbow pads, pants, shoulder pads, stick, athletic protector (cup) or pelvic protector.  Skates also need periodic sharpening which can be purchased at the Park City Ice Arena. 

Each September, PCIM operates a Skate and Equipment swap.  This is a great opportunity to get rid of old equipment and to purchase equipment and great prices.


All game and practice schedules are managed on our team web site at www.pciceminers.org.  Our calendar system will send automatic e-mail and text reminders for all games and practices.  This option can be disabled when you login to our web site.  To receive these notices, please make sure your information is correct on our web site.

What to do in the Off Season

Clinics, stick and puck, hockey camps are all offered during the off season.  These programs are provided and coordinated the Park City Ice Arena and information can be found at their web site, www.parkcityice.org

PCIM offers summer ice programs which include, skills and drill sessions, drop-in sessions, power skating sessions and off-ice training sessions.  Summer programs are limited and do fill up.